Avian Training Workshop

Avian Training

October 30, 2014 - November 2, 2014

This intensive 4-day workshop will cover many topics including: Establishing your own program - permits, insurance, facilities, staff & volunteers; working with and training your bird - manning and positive reinforcement, desensitizing; choosing the correct species to work with; transportation - crates, permits, driving, flying, shipping; housing - mews, jumpboxes, A-frames, flight cages, climate, hotwire, substrates; perch types - bow, platform, screen, etc. - which perch works best for what species; diets - food types, frozen vs. live, storage, prep, raising food colonies, vitamins; training your birds for flying - weight management, base weights, target weights, flyer food.

Our staff believes the only way to learn is through the hands-on experience of doing things yourself. Therefore, at our workshop you will also: Make jesses, anklets, leashes; practice imping feathers; experience coping and trimming of a raptor; participate in simple public speaking games and learn how different elements make a difference; fly a Harris Hawk and/or Barn Owl with WBS staff; help train a new behavior with a White-necked Raven (continues through the workshop); "Be the Bird” in our training game; participate in emergency medical care and do a gross necropsy on a raptor.

Avian Training
The workshop also includes an extensive tour of WBS’ facilities and opportunities to see birds and housing up close.

Reservations required. Please call early - workshop has a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 20.

Workshop fee is $650 per person (this includes lunches) with a $100 non-refundable deposit due by 10/1/14, balance due by 10/15/14.
If registering after 10/1/14 the price is $750.
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Transportation to and from St. Louis, hotel accommodations and breakfast & dinner are the responsibility of each participant. Cancellation policy - if participant cancels after 10/21/14, 50% of fee is non-refundable.
For more information on Avian Training Workshop: Call Teri Graves at (636) 225-4390 ext. 0 or email: workshop@worldbirdsanctuary.org