Nature Center and Gift Shop

Nature Center
Nature Center

The World Bird Sanctuary's Nature Center is open daily from 8-5.

The World Bird Sanctuary's nature center houses a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles for visitors to view and learn about. These animals are on display daily and may include parrots from around the world (including the Thick Billed Parrot - the only parrot native to the United States), snakes such as "Kahn", the 12 foot Albino Burmese Python, "Shuttle", the Russian Tortoise and "Inca", the Guinea Pig.

Be sure to step out onto our viewing deck behind the Nature Center to visit with our variety of raptors enjoying their day in one of weathering areas. Here you may see a Eurasian Eagle Owl (the largest species of owl in the world), a White Necked Raven (listen closely you just might hear her talk, whistle or imitate an owl), the fastest creature in the world, the Peregrine Falcon, and much more. All set with our oak hickory forest as the background.

Access is provided by a carefully designed path with hand railing and lighting. There is also a special needs access trail that is paved, equipped with handrails and lighting.

The Raptique Gift Shop

is located at the Nature Center and offers nature-themed apparel, books, jewelry, toys and much more.

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