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Watch Live Peregrine Nest Box!

In partnership with Missouri Department of Conservation and Ameren Missouri, the World Bird Sanctuary is pleased to be able to bring you a live video camera on a Peregrine Falcon nest box. The box is located at Ameren Missouri's Portage de Sioux power plant in St. Charles County, Missouri. The wild Peregrine Falcon pair was successful last year, raising 5 youngsters.

Bat House Plans

There are more than 1,116 species of bats world- wide with new species being discovered all over the world, about half of these bats are currently at risk. Erecting a bat house on your property provides a safe roosting area for bats.

Nest Box Plans

Today we face a tremendous challenge; protecting endangered or rare songbird populations from becoming extinct and pro-tecting populations of those still common species from becoming threatened. The construction and placement of nesting boxes is perhaps the most direct way individuals and groups can become involved. This is an especially unique opportunity because it allows private individuals to truly participate in the protection of species and in some instances in the preservation of endangered species. Conservation is not a philosophy, but a way of life that ensures continued life for songbirds and other species.