Watch Live Peregrine Falcon Cam Nest Box!

In partnership with Missouri Department of Conservation and Ameren Missouri, the World Bird Sanctuary is pleased to be able to bring you a live video camera on a Peregrine Falcon nest box. Watch a pair of peregrine falcons as they nest and hatch their chicks with our live video feed. The video runs from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. CT each day.

The nesting box is securely located 168 ft. above the ground on the Ameren Missouri Sioux Energy Center scrubber stack and was constructed with a design from the World Bird Sanctuary.

2015 Update

The female of the pair from the last three years has gone missing. We don't know what happened to her and why she hasn't returned. However, the male from the last three years has paired up with a new female and they have already started producing eggs. The new female was hatched on a cliff and banded in 2006 at Palisade Head State Park in Minnesota. This is her first year with this male. It will be interesting to watch this new pair raise their babies!

May 8th: 4 chicks have hatched! Watch the video of the first one here!

April 22nd: Captured photos of mom and dad taking turns to incubate eggs. Watch the photo video here!

April 2nd and April 5th: Four eggs have been spotted! The third egg appeared on April 2nd and the fourth on April 5th.
Watch the video of the male changing places with the female here!

March 29th and March 31st: Two eggs have been spotted in the nesting box! The first egg appeared on March 29th. Only days later, a second egg was laid by the female falcon on March 31th. Watch the video of the 2nd egg being hatched here!


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