Nest Box Plans

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The primary mission of the World Bird Sanctuary is to preserve the earth’s biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. With the cooperation and support of small companies, corporations, foundations, and concerned private citizens who are dedicated to environmental protection, we work to fulfill this mission through education, captive breeding, field studies, and rehabilitation.

Today our world is witnessing episodes of extinction never before experienced in the history of mankind. Now more than ever, the importance of becoming aware of the problems facing wildlife is essential. The World Bird Sanctuary understands that we can insure biological diversity on earth only if humans learn to appreciate, understand, and support the roles and needs of each species. To this end the WBS, working in cooperation with Ameren Missouri, has initiated a nest box placement program to insure the survival of many songbird species. Within the past 20 years, the population of songbirds has decreased by 15 to 30 percent, depending on the location.

Today we face a tremendous challenge; protecting endangered or rare songbird populations from becoming extinct and pro-tecting populations of those still common species from becoming threatened. One way for private citizens to assist in the protection of habitat is by identifying and developing management strategies for high priority songbird habitat. You can also help by enforcing zoning regulations and by assisting in the purchase of easements. The construction and placement of nesting boxes is perhaps the most direct way individuals and groups can become involved. This is an especially unique opportunity because it allows private individuals to truly participate in the protection of species and in some instances in the preservation of endangered species. Conservation is not a philosophy, but a way of life that ensures continued life for songbirds and other species.