Field Trips

Guided Tour

Guided Tours

Allow one of our knowledgeable Naturalists to take you on a tour of our facilities. Learn about the past inhabitants of our area and meet our current residents. Tours last approximately 60 minutes. Maximum group size: 25 individuals

Bird Bundles

If you're looking for a children's activity to do while visiting, pick up a Bird Bundle. These packets are filled with activities to complete while visiting. All the materials necessary for completing the Bird Bundle are provided. Level 1 is available for 2nd grade and lower. Level 2 is available for 3rd grade and higher.

Birds Bugs and Bark

Join a Naturalist on a hike through the natural wooded habitat on the World Bird Sanctuary's property. Search for animals that live in our forest and learn how everything is interrelated. This program can be combined with other activities to accommodate a larger group. Maximum group size: 25 students.

Rock Hunt

Why are river rocks a particular shape and color? Take a trip to the Meramec River to examine rocks found in and near the water. Hike away from the water to see the changes in stones. Spend 45-60 minutes locating and determining the types of rocks found in the area. 5th grade and higher.

Bird in Hand

Ever wonder how and why birds are banded for identification? Get answers to these questions when you learn about mist-netting. Maximum group size depends on season. Can be combined with other activities for larger groups. Level 1: Kindergarten through 6th grade: Learn the basics of songbird identification and bird banding. Level 2: 7th grade and higher: Witness the banding of live birds and assist in collecting important information about each bird.

Freshwater Findings

Ponds support a huge variety of life, from microscopic plants to beavers. Visit World Bird Sanctuary's pond to see what aquatic life forms you can find and identify. Spend 45-60 minutes examining invertebrate samples and nets to discover what inhabits our pond. 5th grade and higher.

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