Wish List

Here is a list of some of the items World Bird Sanctuary needs on a regular basis. These items can be delivered to our Wildlife Hospital or Nature Center any day of the week from 8am to 5pm.


  Liquid Handsoap - dispenser bottles & refills
  Toilet paper
  Sisal rope - 3/8 inch in diameter
  30 gallon trash bags
  AAA Batteries
  Dishwashing liquid
  Liquid laundry detergent
  Paper Towel
  Ziploc bags
  Reusable plastic containers
  Latex gloves
  General purpose floor cleaner
  Letter sized and legal sized laminating sheets
  Mailing labels - Avery 5360 or equivalent
  Distilled water
  CLR or other limescale remove
  Drain cleaner
  Cat litter - non-clumping
  Adams Flea & Tick Spray
  Duct tape
  Clorox or other antibacterial wipes
  Scotch brite Green Scrubbies
  Multifold hand towels for dispensers in bathrooms

Animal Care/House Items:

  Energy efficient light bulbs
  Kitten canned food - no fish/seafood flavor, no gravy or chunks
  Cat canned food - no fish/seafood flavor, no gravy or chunks Timothy Hay for rabbits
  Wild bird seed
  Cypress mulch (Cyrpress ONLY)
  50w infrared heat lamps for reptiles
  Ceramic heating elements for reptiles
  Old (or new!) towels, blankets and sheets
  Heating pads
  Digital Kitchen Scale
  Large plastic cat litter pans (new)
  Parrot toys
  Macaw cage
  Oxygen cylinders (sizes ‘t’ & ‘d’)
  Spray bottles for water
  Box fans (4)

Office / Education Items:

  Digital cameras
  Paper shredders (4)
  Large paper cutter
  Portable vehicle GPS navigation systems (4)
  Television with DVD capability
  Large easels for displays
  Letter & legal sized white copy paper
  1st class stamps
  Gator clips
  Fiskars brand scissors

Outside/Maintenance Items:

  Welding gloves
  Leather gardening gloves
  Chain saw
  Commercial vacuum cleaners (2)
  Lawn mowers
  Weed removers
  Snow blower
  Leaf rakes


  Four wheel ATV for trial work
  Four wheel drive with snow plough and back spreader
  Small trailer for hauling lawn mowers etc.
  Vans or minivans for transporting animals and people to education programs

Gift Cards:

  Office Max
  Home Depot