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Monthly Initiatives

July: Conservation Awareness Month

A few representatives of the many species that have faced endangerment that we have helped conserve over the years: (left to right) Cooper’s hawk, peregrine falcon, American barn owl, bald eagle, Andean condor, thick-billed parrot, Vietnam pheasant. 

egyptian vulture chick san diego wildlife alliance

Egyptian vulture chick that was hatched at the San Diego Wildlife Zoo from one of World Bird Sanctuary’s male Egyptian vultures, Osiris. 

Photo from San Diego Wildlife Alliance.

cabots tragopans

Cabot’s tragopans, Jake & Nytiri, are part of efforts to help threatened and endangered pheasant species. The pair have successfully hatched XX chicks to become part of their Species Survival Plan. 

Learn more about our Walter C. Crawford Legacy Society, The World Bird Sanctuary Animal Care Endowment (via The Kevin Beckmann Charitable Trust), and the World Bird Sanctuary Unrestricted Endowment Fund (via the WBS Board of Directors) These initiatives are the core of our fundraising efforts, and make the largest impact on our mission overall.

February is a great time to start sprucing up the site – from bird enclosures to landscaping, there’s a lot to do! Your donations this month will help
us get ready for the coming spring months, and your visit to see the birds!

Our Fete du Feather Gala Fundraiser takes place in April each year, and you can take part in many ways!
Sponsor, attend, donate auction items, or just donate! This is our largest fundraiser for the birds…so your help is appreciated!

Our Wildlife Hospital takes in more than 600 injured or orphaned birds of prey every year, then they are released again when they are healed and ready, so they can live out their lives wild and free. Spring means baby season, so gearing up this month is crucial to our upcoming success.

With over 210 permanent-resident birds, plus those under our care in the hospital at any given time, we have A LOT of beaks to feed!
A large amount of our expense budget goes to the purchase of food for our birds. Believe it or not, rats and mice are not cheap! You can help us fill the
WBS freezers and pantries this month with a cash or in-kind gift!

This month we’ll update you on all that we have been doing during the year to voice the needs of our birds around the world. From hornbills to vultures,
our birds are in critical need of help and attention. We’ll show you how you can help in the fight for survival!

Everything we do at WBS revolves around conservation, so funding for these foundational programs is extremely important!
This month you can help save a species, sponsor a vulture, feed a barn owl, or fund the banding of a clutch of peregrine falcons.

Sponsoring WBS programming for a class or student can make a huge impact. The children at underserved schools deserve to learn
about nature too! Who knows where the next Jane Goodall or David Attenborough will rise from?

Where would we be without our donors and supporters? This month, we take care of YOU with a variety of special programs and acknowledgements.

How did we do with delivering on our mission this past year? How many programs did we present? How much did the Fete du Feather raise? Were you a major donor? All this information is released in our Annual Report. Transparency is one of our key values!

Memberships and Adopt A Birds make great holiday gifts, and are a key fundraising initiative for WBS. Make your giving fun this year!

Nothing means more to our birds than the direct care they receive from our talented, giving, and devoted staff.
We love to make sure our staff is well-compensated and cared for as well! This month, you can earmark your donations directly to the care of our staff.