Making a Difference

Protecting bird species and promoting biodiversity fills our skies with color and our forests with a variety of beautiful songs. But it also impacts our lives in ways we might not even realize! Did you know that the decline of vulture populations in India has increased the spread of diseases such as anthrax and rabies? Or that vineyards with American Kestrels nesting nearby have greater grape harvests? Birds just make our world a better place!

At World Bird Sanctuary, we are proud to be doing our part to protect the avian world. Since our founding, conservation has been a key pillar of our mission. Our initiatives include:

● Breeding and releasing over 1,000 American Barn Owls back into the wild, contributing to their removal from the endangered species list
● Breeding and releasing Andean condors into the mountains of Venezuela
● Creating conservation education resources for children in developing countries
● Conducting surveys of environmental impact for corporations
● Banding and collecting data on birds migrating through the Mississippi Flyway

Additionally, World Bird Sanctuary is home to some of the world’s most endangered avian species, such as the:

– Vietnam pheasant
– Cabot’s tragopan
– Andean Condor
– Egyptian vulture
– Hooded vulture
– Red-headed vulture
– Bearded vulture
– Bateleur eagle
– Harpy eagle
– Steller’s sea eagle
– Saker falcon
– Thick-billed parrot

If you would like to support the conservation of birds around the globe, please consider donating today and help us continue our important work!

Watch Our Live Peregrine Falcon Nest Box Cam!

In partnership with Missouri Department of Conservation and Ameren Missouri, World Bird Sanctuary is pleased to bring you a live video camera on a Peregrine Falcon nest box. Watch the drama unfold as the falcon parents begin their nesting season, lay their eggs, defend their territory, and raise their chicks! During our Falcon Season, which runs from late March to late July, the video runs from 7am – 8pm (central time) each day.

Did You Know?

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal in the world, having been clocked diving at speeds over 260mph!

Have a Question About Peregrine Falcons? Ask Jeff

Every May and June, Deputy Director Jeff Meshach bands peregrine falcon babies in at least 7 of the 9 known nests in the St. Louis area. Jeff considers his banding efforts to be one of the greatest privileges in the world. “Getting to put my hands on the fastest animal in the world, even for just a few minutes, is an unforgettable experience.”