Avian Training Workshop


Avian Training Workshop

4-Day Workshop Fall Session: November 14-17, 2019, • Where: Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis Southwest
Cost $800

About the Workshop

This intensive 4-day workshop will cover many topics including: Establishing your own program – permits, insurance, facilities, staff & volunteers; working with and training your bird – manning and positive reinforcement, desensitizing; choosing the correct species to work with; transportation – crates, permits, driving, flying, shipping; housing – mews, jumpboxes, A-frames, flight cages, climate, hotwire, substrates; perch types – bow, platform, screen, etc. – which perch works best for what species; diets – food types, frozen vs. live, storage, prep, vitamins; training your birds for flying – weight management, base weights, target weights, flyer food.

Our staff believes the only way to learn is through the hands-on experience of doing things yourself. Therefore, at our workshop you will also: Make jesses, anklets, leashes; practice imping feathers; experience coping and trimming of a raptor; participate in simple public speaking games and learn how different elements make a difference; fly a Harris Hawk and/or Barn Owl with WBS staff; help train a new behavior with a White-necked Raven (continues through the workshop); “Be the Bird” in our training game; participate in emergency medical care and do a gross necropsy on a raptor.

Majority of the training will take place at the Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis Southwest > and some at World Bird Sanctuary. You can book your room through Drury if you’d like to there to stay for the four days.

The workshop also includes an extensive tour of WBS’ facilities and opportunities to see birds and housing up close.

How to Register

Please register early – workshop has a maximum of 12 participants.

Transportation to and from St. Louis, hotel accommodations and breakfast & dinner are the responsibility of each participant.
Cancellation policy – full refund if cancelled 2 weeks before start of workshop, 50% refund if cancelled within 2 weeks of start of workshop.

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