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Tawny Eagle


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Scientific Name:

  • Aquila rapax.


  • Common resident but locally threatened. Range includes Rumania east through south Russia, south Siberian and Kirghi steppes east through Transbaikalia to Mongolia; south through Arabia, India and in most of Africa.


  • Desert, semi-desert, steppes, and open savannah.


  • Mostly fresh carrion; mammals up to rabbit size, small to medium rodents, lizards, snakes, seasonal insects, birds up to the size of a guinea fowl.


  • Often pirates food from other raptors; kills prey on the ground.
  • Nest between March and July on a large stick platform in trees, usually Acacia; usually lay 2 eggs that are white, plain or blotchy with rusty red and gray; the incubation period is 42-44 days with one chick usually killing the other; only the northern populations are migratory; can be found in concentrations where food is plentiful.
  • Vocalization is a hoarse, sharp barking “kyow”; rather silent except in nuptial display or aggression.


  • Medium to large raptor with a variably tawny head and upper body.
  • Hooked bill and fully feathered legs.
  • Rounded tail and long wings.
  • Females are larger than the males; the females may be darker and more streaked; immature birds are paler then the adults.
  • Also known as the Steppe Eagle.
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