Barn Owl – Goblin

Goblin was hatched at the World Bird Sanctuary through our conservation program for endangered species. Most birds through this program are released into the wild to help the wild population numbers. A select few are chosen to become permanent residents at World Bird Sanctuary and then trained to become educational ambassadors for their species. Goblin is currently one of the flyers in our educational programs and does an excellent job.





  • Goblin is very sound based with his flight training sessions. If he gets distracted flying between his two trainers, all the trainer has to do is make a sound called a pish, and he will redirect his flight to make it to the trainer. Sometimes turning his body completely around mid flight!
  • Goblin was named after David Bowie’s role as the Goblin King, Jareth, in the movie Labyrinth.


Scientific Name:

  • Tyto alba. Greek and Latin origin, meaning “white owl.”


  • Barn Owls are found on every continent except Antarctica.


  • They prefer open fields to hunt in such as grasslands, prairies, and agricultural areas.
  • Nest in hollow trees, nest boxes, caves, cliffs, barns and other structures.


  • Best mousers of any animal species ever recorded. They can hear a mouse’s foot steps from around 1/4 of a mile away! One Barn Owl usually catches on average 3-4 mice a day.
  • Will also eat other small mammals like rats, voles, lemmings, shrews, bats, and rabbits.


  • Nocturnal hunters.
  • Unlike most other owl species, Barn Owls do not hoot, they scream! Making them the source of many ghost stories throughout the ages.
  • A Barn Owl mating pair are monogamous, meaning they will mate for life. A pair will usually raise two broods a year. Number of chicks is usually 5-7 per clutch of eggs.


  • Heart shaped facial disk with white, brown, and grey body feathers.
  • Females are larger than the males and will usually be darker and have a distinct golden ring around their facial disk. In males this golden ring is very light in coloration.

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