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World Bird Sanctuary

2024 Program Listing

Discover the wonders of nature with our immersive education programs at World Bird Sanctuary! Perfect for learners of all ages, our programs bring you up-close experiences with majestic birds of prey, fostering a love for wildlife and inspiring conservation action.

Feathers & Scales

Meet some of our amazing animal ambassadors to learn about similarities and differences between reptiles and birds.

Fledge Wings

Introducing young learners to the world of birds? What is a bird? Why are birds so special? Young learners will get to meet birds as well as interact with touchable items like feathers, eggs, and more.

Raptor Basics

What is a raptor? How is a raptor different from other birds? How do they hunt and where do they live? Learn all this and more in our raptor basics program!

All About Eagles

Explore the natural history of eagles as well as introducing students to principles of conservation biology.

Raptor Awareness

This program delves into topics surrounding raptors, featuring flying demonstrations to introduce students to the principles of flight.

All About Owls

This program will explain the natural history of owls and introduce students to specialized owl adaptations.

Creatures of Myth & Legend

Have you ever wondered whooo inspired a ghost story? Join our Naturalists for a program all about the ways animals inspire myths and legends across the globe.

World Bird Sanctuary

Virtual Programs

What is a raptor? How can owls turn their heads so far? What’s the fastest animal in the world? Our series of virtual programs will assist educators to immerse their students in the natural world. Each purchase gives the teacher unlimited access to the video for a 7 day period and can be rented at any time through our website.

World Bird Sanctuary

Summer Camps

Our camps are designed to immerse your child in our world of birds and nature at The Sanctuary.
We use our 305 acres of land, and hundreds of birds in our care to create unique experiences every day to educate and encourage a love for the world around them.

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Get a close look at what our keepers at the Sanctuary do by learning the nitty-gritty of caring for our resident animals! Junior keepers will try their hands at making parrot enrichment, playing the “training game”, and getting up close and personal with emus, owls, parrots, and more!

**$125 per camper, $110 per camper for members** **10 campers max**

Learn about different groups of birds and the places they’re found by playing games, making crafts, and meeting some very special animal ambassadors up close!

**$235 per camper, $220 per camper for members** **20 campers max**

Learn about different raptor adaptations and skills. Campers will play games and learn how to be a citizen scientist for birds found in our own backyards. Plus, have a chance to meet some exotic species not found here in Missouri!

**$235 per camper, $220 per camper for members** **20 campers max**

Do you have what it takes to make it in the wild? In this camp we will explore the environment around us while also visiting with our resident raptors. Investigate the trails and floodplain, learn how to keep safe while enjoying the outdoors, and learn about how species survive the climate.

**$235 per camper, $220 per camper for members** **20 campers max**

Campers will save the planet this week of camp (or at least try out some fun ways to be eco-friendly). We’ll make homes for our animal neighbors out of recycled materials, play games, and learn how to care for our Earth.

**$235 per camper, $220 per camper for members** **20 campers max**

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