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Learn about how we help raptors here at World Bird Sanctuary

Our History

World Bird Sanctuary was founded in 1977 by Walter C. Crawford Jr. to provide the St. Louis area with a hospital for sick or injured raptors. As the Sanctuary grew, so did our mission. Now located on 305 acres of Missouri hardwood forest in partnership with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, World Bird Sanctuary is home to over 200 animals representing over 60 species from all around the world. What began as a small rehabilitation center has grown into an internationally renowned rehabilitation, education, and conservation organization.

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Save The Raptors

Our Mission

Saving Birds and Their Habitats

We protect and preserve birds and their habitats through conservation, rehabilitation, and education. Our vision is to create a world where birds and humans live in harmony.

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World Bird Sanctuary’s Kathryn G. Favre Wildlife Hospital treats over 600 sick or injured birds annually with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

World Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife Hospital

The World Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital rehabilitates over 600 birds of prey each and every year in the St. Louis, Missouri area. 43% of these birds are returned back to the wild – that’s higher than the national average!


What Our Visitors Have to Say

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