The Merlin Gets Released


Last week, we shared the story of the Merlin, patient #24-087, and its swift recovery in our Kathryn G. Favre Foundation Raptor Hospital. Today, we’re thrilled to share the outcome of our dedicated hospital team’s efforts to save this bird. On March 14th, the Merlin was brought to the open grassy fields of nearby Route 66 State Park for its release back into the wild. You can watch its return in the video below!

We’re always inspired and encouraged by the stories of recovery and release from our wildlife hospital, like that of our recent Merlin patient. But beyond this particular journey through our care, Merlins have a fascinating natural history. These small but mighty raptors have a widespread distribution across the Northern Hemisphere. Unlike many other falcons, Merlins do not build their own nests; prefering instead to take over old nests of other birds.

The Merlin falcon adapts to a wide range of habitats, from open grasslands to coastal areas, where they can often be seen executing their skillful hunting technique. During the breeding season, which starts in late spring, Merlins become fiercely territorial, a behavior that ensures the protection and success of their offspring.

The success story of our patient #24-087 is a testament to the resilience of Merlins and the importance of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation work as a whole. By supporting these efforts, we can continue to ensure a bright future for Merlins and countless other species that rely on healthy, diverse ecosystems to thrive. We at the World Bird Sanctuary are so thankful to all of you, our supports, for making these efforts possible!

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